Hacker News: Mark All Read Source Code Released

TL;DR: I just released under an MIT license the source code of the Hacker News: Mark All Read Chrome extension. You can find the code on github.

Background: I often thought about open sourcing many of the little projects I create from time to time, but until now I never went on with it. The reason: I’ve got pretty strong perfectionist tendencies against which I’m always struggling, and releasing unpolished code that I’ve quickly hacked up to solve some practical little problem doesn’t bode well with those tendencies.

But with this one I got many feature requests that I already know I won’t have time to implement. So I decided to publish the code anyway and see what happens. Just consider it what it is: A quick hack I created in one afternoon, and polished just a little bit the day after. Have fun with it!

PS: I thought about it and decided not to release the “artwork”, because having more extensions on the Chrome market with the same look would be confusing. The extension works anyway as it is, but if you add a button icon in an “images” folder it will look better.

To discuss on HN: link

Save Time On Hacker News: Mark All Read

Hacker News is and incredibly useful resource for hackers and startuppers. In true hacker style, its usability is pretty basic though.

In the myriad of widgets and extensions that hackers created to improve that usability, I’ve never find the one I wanted most: An optimal way to know which titles I already scanned and didn’t find interesting enough to open. So that, when I reload the home page, I don’t have to scan them again.

This is why I created Hacker News: Mark All Read. It is a (free) Chrome extension that solves exactly that problem, in a very simple way: After you scanned all the titles, you can click the “mark all read” button, and all news items will appear as if you visited the link.

This way, when you reload the page, you can immediately see what is new. It works across different pages (home, new submissions, second page etc.). And you can hide the news you marked as read, for super-fast scanning of the new news.

You can install the extension from the Chrome web store. If you have any comment… please do comment 🙂

Update: I also released the source code.