A new home for my technical, startup-related, and personal posts

A little more than one year ago I started a blog about my then-latest website, hashtagify.me. Soon after launching it, I started publishing more and more posts that weren’t directly related to that website, but more about technical and startup-related subjects in general.

That arrangement didn’t feel the best to me, so I decided to split that blog in two, moving all not-hashtagify related posts to a new personal blog, the one you’re reading now. That’s why you might find here some posts that you already read elsewhere: This one is the first post I published directly on danmaz74.me, and all older ones come from blog.hashtagify.me.

So, if you get that weird deja-vu sensation while reading some older post here, don’t worry: It’s perfectly normal to feel that way while you’re caught right in the middle of a reconfiguration of the Matrix!