Did you like any of my projects? Are you looking for an expert hand who can help you with yours? Right now I’ve got open slots for consulting projects, so you could have found what you were looking for!

My main skills are:

  • Understanding business needs and translating them into software solutions, keeping in mind the best practices for the following disciplines:
    • Object oriented programming (12 years experience)
    • Interaction design (3 years experience)
    • Datawarehouse design (1 year experience)
    • Project management (7 years experience)
    • SEO (1 year experience)
    • Marketing (I’ve studied marketing and worked with marketers for 3 years)
  • Creating clear technical specifications and documentation
  • Creating full-stack web apps, using any combination of these technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails (7 years experience)
    • Javascript (8 years experience) / CoffeeScript (2 years experience)
    • MySQL (7 years experience) or PostgreSQL (2 years experience)
I’m also proficient (though not super-expert/not using very often lately) in:
  • Node.js (6 months experience)
  • Redis (8 months experience)
  • C/C++ (8 years experience)/Qt framework (1 year experience)
  • PHP (4 years experience)
If you want to discuss your needs with me, write to: