Personal projects

This is a selection of major recent projects that I completed during my free time.

Web Apps:

  • hashtagify.me
    • Interactive visualization written in Javascript
    • redis + node.js for maximum responsiveness
    • Twitter streaming API, more than 10M hashtags classified
    • Details

  • www.euriboradar.it (Italian only)
    • Pure html animation
    • Ruby on Rails + CoffeScript
    • Integration with Facebook: Users get a freebie if they like the FB page
    • Details

  • www.scelgomarino.info (Italian only)
    • Social network for an Italian political campaign
    • Ruby on Rais + Javascript
    • Google maps advanced integration
    • Details

Open source projects:

  • Hacker News Mark all Read (Chrome plugin)
    • Pure Javascript client-side plugin
    • Innovative solutions for threaded comments
    • More than 700 weekly users

Day job projects

This section is under construction…

G2 Contact Feedback System & BI

  • 3 years project, still expanding
  • My roles: sales engineer, project manager, software architect
  • 950 mobile handsets used by more than 4000 Brand Advisors
  • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Jasper Reports + Pentaho BI Enterprise
    • MySQL (transactional DB) + PostgreSQL 9 (DWH)
    • 14 Million consumers contacted

Having to automate the point of sale activities organization, data management and data analysis of complex marketing campaigns for a top multinational company, we worked in partnership with their main marketing agency to analyze their needs, design and implement a complete solution, and continually improve it to cover new needs as the first ones were successfully answered.

I did the initial analysis and design, managed the project and kept in contact with the customer to monitor the results and propose new solutions for their growing needs. The solution was implemented using Ruby on Rails for the web back-end and front-end, J2ME for the mobile app used by their brand advisers, and Pentaho for BI/OLAP.

The bottom line: today 950 smarphones are deployed to the brand advisers all over Italy, and the data is accessible in an advanced OLAP tool
by the client the day after, whereas that data was only available after weeks and at a much higher cost before our solution was deployed.

This is a recent presentation of the project that we prepared for an Open Source event in Milan (in Italian): presentation